Top Eco-Friendly Toys for Little Boys

While all children have the same developmental needs and should be encouraged to play with whichever toys they prefer, there are some toys that just make little boys’ eyes light up.

Zippy, zoomy toys

Little boys love toys that zoom, soar, and race. Miniature toy cars are perfect for toddlers’ tiny hands, and with the Hape Mini Vehicle set, they’re also 100 per cent eco-friendly.

Toy helicopters and airplanes are equally fascinating for little boys and are an excellent choice for pretend play. The wooden Janod magnetic airplane is perfect for growing imaginations and offers extra educational fun as it can be taken apart and reassembled like a puzzle.

High-energy fun

Little lads tend to be energetic, often preferring more physical activities during playtime. Musical toys like drum sets and percussion instruments are ideal for channelling all of that energy. There are also lots of eco-friendly musical toys available today, so you can enjoy musical playtime while protecting the environment.

Another great way for your little fellow to release his energy is with hands-on imaginative play sets. The Haba Play Bench: Bolta Lot is made out of non-toxic materials, and comes with a light toy hammer that can be used to knock the different toy nuts and screws into the right slots.

Everyone needs a cuddle

Emotional development is just as important. Soft cuddly toys are a great way to encourage affection and sensitivity; eco-friendly soft toys like the Sigikid Activity Elephant are also designed to promote development and learning, so it’s a brilliant choice for overall development.

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