Tips for Outdoor Play in the Summer

With the long, school-free days of summer upon us, it’s time to come up with creative ideas for getting the kids away from the telly and out into the fresh air and sunshine. Here are just a few tips for outdoor play ideas to try with your tiny tots this summer!

We’re jammin’:Have ‘backyard jam sessions’ with musical play to get your kids into the summer spirit, and enjoy musical play as a family. Invite the neighbours round for a garden concert as added incentive for your children to practise every day!

Balloon ping pong: Ping pong and paddle tennis are great for the outdoors, but can be a bit too fast and intense for young children. Instead, swap the ping pong ball for a small balloon to give little ones a safer, slower-paced alternative.

And they’re off!: Make a DIY racetrack for your garden using nothing but cardboard, duct tape and creativity. Then your budding car enthusiast can watch miniature toy cars zoom along for hours while enjoying the fresh air.

Have a picnic: With the Janod Picnic Hamper, little ones have everything they need for a back garden picnic. Invite your little one’s favourite soft and cuddly toys to join the picnic for quality imaginative play!

Get colourful and creative: All it takes to mix up some DIY pavement chalk paint is 1/3 cup corn starch, 1/3 cup water, and a few drops of food colouring. Whip up a few batches in different colours, then let your kids go wild on the paved areas in your garden—don’t worry, this DIY paint washes off easily with water!

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