Tips for Getting Toddlers to Eat Their Five a Day

Toddlers are naturally picky eaters, so it can be incredibly challenging to get them to eat fruits and vegetables—but, as parents, we know how to soldier on and keep at it until we get our little ones the nutrition they need. So here are a few tried and tested tips for getting toddlers their five a day.

Easy eating for busy hands

Toddlers prefer ‘grazing’ on small portions and trying lots of different flavours and textures. To accommodate this, cut fruits and vegetables into bite-sized slices or chunks and use an ice-cube tray or muffin tin to serve up a healthy snack selection your toddler can nibble at while running around the house.

Make fruit and veg fun

Toddlers enjoy the fun messiness of dunking foods into dips, so turn dipping into an adventurous tasting game, pairing different homemade fruit and vegetable dips with foods that even fussy eaters like to eat, such as crackers or strips of toast. Young children also love make believe, so make fruits and vegetables part of imaginative playtime with sets like the Tea Set for Two.

Give foods a nutrition boost

A fool-proof approach is to simply blend fruit and vegetables and mix them in with foods children love. From scrambled eggs to muffins, homemade pizzas and mashed potatoes, there are loads of foods that can be nutritionally ‘enhanced’ with a few spoons of purée.

Change their perspective

Get little ones to look at fruits and vegetables more positively by taking them to markets where they’ll see all the different shapes and colours of fruits and vegetables, and can choose what they’re going to eat. Storytime with books like Hape’s Vegetables and Fruit books can also help place fruit and veg in a better light.

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