The Perfect Eco-Friendly Toys for Newborns

Your bundle of joy has finally arrived! We’re sure that you’ve been overwhelmed with well wishes, cards, flowers, and toys. The house probably looks like a florist, and your newborn has more cuddly teddy bears than you can shake a stick at.
However, we know you’ll be concerned about which toys are the most eco-friendly, both in terms of the environment and for your little one’s wellbeing. To help you out in this exciting time, we’ve compiled a little list of our favourites.


Incorporating bright colours, exciting materials, and a quirky design, the Sigikid Giraffe Rattle is perfect for newborns to play with. The soft material is gentle on your child’s skin, and the interesting shape will fascinate them.


The Sigikid Bite Me Grasp toys are ideal for both newborns who are just getting used to toys, and for babies who are teething. The round owl design is perfect for little baby hands to grasp, and the structured texture can help massage gums for babies who are slightly older.

Play time

We know, as parents, you love it when a toy is both fun and functional. The Sigikid Activity Elephant is just that. It’ll be your newborn’s first cuddly companion, but it also has fun quirks that they’ll discover as they get older. The elephant has a squeaker on his ear, a soft star on his trunk, and a little teething ring on his arm.

To find more eco-friendly toys, explore The Little Woodpecker’s sustainable collections. We’ve got plenty of lovely cuddly friends for newborns, as well as plenty of games and puzzles for the older ones. To find out more about our eco range, contact us.