The Best Toys for Promoting Motor Skills

One of the best ways to promote the development of your child’s fine and large motor skills is through playtime with the right toys.

Fine motor skills 

  • Puzzles and board games are excellent for supporting fine motor skills in toddlers as the small, precise movements needed to manipulate the puzzle and game pieces help children’s hands and fingers become more nimble. These games also encourage hand-eye coordination, memory, and problem-solving skills.
  • Balancing blocks on top of each other and stacking with rings are great ways to boost dexterity, particularly when building blocks and stacking games give little ones a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to work with.
  • Sliding beads along class bead mazes and toys like the brightly-coloured Janod Tatoo Abacus help promote fine motor skills in children as young as 12 months.

Large motor skills

  • Push toys are ideal for developing large motor skills in toddlers who are learning to walk and run, as they get added stability from the toy while honing their coordination and balance. Pushing the toy also engages children’s muscles, helping them become stronger.
  • Ride-on toys like the Ride-On Dachshund and Little Red Rider boost large motor skills and improve children’s overall physical development by building the strength of their larger muscles.
  • Playtime with musical toys like tambourines and guitars develops both fine and large motor skills. Holding or shaking the instruments develops muscle strength while playing the musical notes improves dexterity. You can also add dance-along fun to musical playtime to give an extra boost to large motor skills!


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