Santa High-Fiving Child

Small children ask questions. Lots of questions. It is an excellent sign that their brains are developing and their horizons expanding but sometimes the questions they ask can put parents in a tricky position. No time is this truer than Christmastime. Here in the UK, whether you are a Christian or not, it will be fairly difficult to avoid Christmas altogether – from TV to nursery to walking around the shops, there are festive signs everywhere. So how do you talk to your kids about Christmas without your own views getting in the way? We’ve come up with a few handy tips.


Giving and Gratitude

Steer away from Santa and Saints altogether and instead try to get little ones to focus on giving back. Whether this is dropping of food at a local homeless shelter, taking old toys to the nearest children’s ward, or taking part in a Shoebox appeal at school or nursery, Christmas is the perfect occasion to help children get a perspective on the world around them. Bonding with your little ones over good deeds is the perfect way to create better tiny citizens of the world and to get into the spirit of Christmas, without needing to worry about the spiritual!


Christmas in other Cultures

Another way to broaden their horizons is to talk about Christmas as a cultural celebration, held in lots of different countries. This is a really fun way to teach them a little geography and introduce them to different global traditions. Look through books and talk about the food and festivities people enjoy at Christmas around the world.


Santa and Stories

When the inevitable “Is Santa Real?” question arises, parents seem to fall into two camps – the camp which feels guilty about fibbing to their children, and the camp which would feel guilty about spoiling the childlike magic of Christmas. We cannot help you with this one! It is for every parent to decide on their own, but one good way to get around both the question of Santa and the question of the Nativity, is to frame both as stories which some people believe in and some people don’t, but that we should respect people either way.


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