Safety Tips for Little Ones this Halloween

Halloween is around the corner—that much-anticipated day dedicated to playing dress-up, when kids’ imaginations run wild. As much fun as Halloween is, it’s important to keep it safe and healthy too. So here are our tips for having a Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks!

Safe costumes for Halloween and beyond

Cheap, one-use kids costumes are typically made of low-quality, non-biodegradable materials that may contain harmful toxins and easily broken parts that are choking hazards.

As an alternative, get creative with what your child already has and buy good-quality items to bring a Halloween look together. For example, if your child already owns jeans and a checkered shirt, all you need is a hobby horse to create a cowboy or cowgirl costume. Not only are quality fancy-dress accessories like eco-friendly hobby horses and musical instruments non-toxic and durable, but kids will enjoy them long after Halloween.

Healthy treats

Instead of giving trick-or-treaters sweets and chocolate, arrange for you and your neighbours to give healthier Halloween treats like bite-sized fruit, homemade granola, or yogurt-covered nuts.

Be sure to package healthy goodies individually, as it’s not sanitary for lots of hands to dip into one communal bowl. Brown paper bags make great packages, as they’re biodegradable, reusable, and safer for children than cling film or freezer bags.

Stay close

Stick to familiar neighbourhoods where you know the other residents and can trust what your kids are given as treats. It’s also better to stay close to home as small children can tire easily from all the night’s walking and excitement.

Don’t let kids wander off when trick-or-treating and bring someone along to help keep watch; in lively neighbourhoods it’s easy to lose children amidst all the miniature ghouls and goblins.

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