Rainy Day, Child

Rainy days. The scourge of parents hoping for straightforward weekends or holidays. The fly in the organisational ointment, ridding you of the option of tiring the little ones out by letting them run around outdoors. Still, rainy days can be an excellent excuse for spending some quality time with your children, and helping them indulge their creative side, and this week we have our top ways to do just that!


“Making” Activities

Easiest way to help nurture their creativity? Get them to create something! Here are three of our favourites.

1)      Make pizza

Buy ready-made pizza bases (or make your own!) and let kids design their own pizzas with a choice of toppings and sauces. The best bit? You get to eat them afterwards!

2)      Fruit Printing

Simple, cheap, fun way to make art! Simply cut hard fruits (and vegetables) in half, carve shapes into them, paint, and press onto paper! Hours of fun.

3)      Make a magazine or newspaper

Here is one which will encourage your little ones to think – without even realising it! Give them a stack of old newspapers and magazines, staple some sheets of blank paper together, and help them come up with stories to fill their own newspaper, cutting images out of the old copies and gluing them in.


Performing Activities

If your little ones don’t have a flair for journalism, perhaps their place is on the stage! Nurture their talents with some of our performing activities.

4)      Write/direct/produce a “TV show”

Get little ones to come up with their own idea for a TV show – from roles to wardrobe to lines – and then film it on a smartphone or camera and watch it back all together!

5)      Make sock puppets and perform a play

This is a crafting activity and a performance all in one! Dig out some old socks and stray buttons and let kids make their own sock puppets before creating a show for them to star in.

6)      Put on fashion show

If your littlies have a flair for fashion, why not be ultra-magnanimous and let them raid your wardrobe for one rainy afternoon runway session?



7)      Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hide a treasure around the house for each participant and make up a selection of clues! Give them the first one, which will lead them to the next one, and enjoy a quiet half-hour, while they tear around the house treasure hunting.

8)      Room Tidying competition

This may sound like a long-shot, but turning something into a competition can make anything fun! Make it a race, with whoever finishes first getting to decide what activity comes next, what film to watch, or what to eat for dinner!



The wonderful thing about being stuck indoors for an afternoon, is that it is an opportunity to pause and spend time on things you might otherwise be too busy for.

9)      Holiday plan

Get out a globe or atlas, and let kids pick a place to go on holiday – real or imagined – before researching what there is to do when they get there. From cultural sites to local foods, this is a great (sneaky) way to broaden kids’ horizons and teach them a little geography.

10)   Write letters

Letter writing is a lovely way to spend an afternoon – whether it is to their favourite celebrity, their hero, or family members you haven’t seen in a while.

11)   Time capsule

Why not capture the moment by making a time capsule? Think about all the important things which have happened in the last year and put them all in an airtight Tupperware to plant or hide somewhere to be discovered in the future.


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