Plan an Eco-Friendly Easter Treasure Hunt

Children look forward to Easter treasure hunts as eagerly as they look forward to tearing gifts open on Christmas morning. Yet the traditional goodies hidden on Easter Sunday might not be the healthiest or most eco-friendly. Here are our favourite ideas to help you plan an Easter treasure hunt that’s sure to be loads of fun while keeping the environment, learning and health in mind.

Make it a team effort

To get kids to cooperate during the treasure hunt, give them a shared goal to work towards. Hide the pieces of a toy set or group game in different spots so that when all the pieces are found, the children can play with the toy or game together. Made of completely eco-friendly materials, the Sigikid Baby Bowling set is ideal for encouraging this type of interactive group play and getting little ones to focus on a shared objective.

Educational eggs

Puzzles and matching games are excellent for promoting cognitive skills and for teaching children new letters and colours. You can easily turn your Easter treasure hunt into a fun and educational game that bring these same developmental benefits.

First, make multi-coloured Easter eggs using hardboiled eggs and your own all-natural dyes made from edible ingredients like blueberries, paprika and lemon juice. For toddlers, make two of each colour and have children find the matching pairs, helping them to learn their colours. For children aged three and over, use your dye to write a different letter on each egg. Children can either match letters or try forming words with the eggs once they’ve been found.

Healthy homemade treats

Rather than buying store-bought chocolates wrapped in non-recyclable packaging, get creative and make your own healthy, package-free Easter treats. Chocolate goodies are easier to make than you might think and are far healthier than the factory-made stuff; coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey and peanut butter are often all you need, along with a few other standard household ingredients, to make your own chocolates and chocolate eggs.

Throw a musical after party!

Another wonderful way to encourage group play and make your Easter Sunday extra memorable is to have your little ones search for different musical toys. Eco-friendly musical toys like tambourines and drums made of wood and bamboo are brilliant for children of all ages. When everyone has found a toy, have the kids play their instruments together for a fun-filled after party where mums and dads can dance along!

We hope you enjoy our tips for a fun, healthy and eco-friendly Easter treasure hunt. For more information on our educational toys made of all-natural materials,contact us at The Little Woodpecker.