Crafts - Rock Pictures


There is no better time than Summer to help teach your kids about the joys of nature. Whether you are holidaying by the sea, running about in the local park, or simply sitting in your back garden, you will be surrounded with potential activities to keep your littlies busy. When you are not swimming or playing, nature can also provide you with a ready-stocked craft cupboard, so this week we are sharing our favourite child-friendly craft projects you can do with supplies scavenged in the summer sunshine.


By the Beach

1.       Taking a break from building sandcastles? Go hunting for pretty stones and pebbles to bring home from the beach and then paint them into tiny animals to play with or decorations for the house.

2.       Collect shells and turn them into a beautiful wind chime (parents will have to help with making holes in the shells with a hammer and nail or a drill with a small bit). All you need otherwise is string and somewhere to hang it where the wind will help it make a beautiful noise. 

3.       Make a jam jar scene with sand from the beach plus pretty shells, stones, or seaglass you might pick up.


From the Forest

1.       Going for a wander through the woods? Collect pinecones which you can turn into animal figurines with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and glitter. They also make great Christmas tree decorations.

2.       Pick up pretty twigs, rocks, flowers and leaves which you can dry out or press then use to decorate photo frames.

3.       Take crayons and paper with you and do some bark rubbings – see how the patterns change from tree to tree.


Growing in the Garden

1.       Print out a picture of your little ones and then get them to dress themselves up and customise their picture with things found in the garden or your local park – like petals, twigs, and grass.

2.       Cut off the top of a two-litre fizzy drink bottle and use it to create a tiny Bell Jar which you can put over nature scenes or fragile finds (almost-full egg shells, pretty flowers etc.) to display them.

3.       Glue flower petals and leaves onto paper plates and use them as sun-catchers which will make pretty patterns on your walls when you hang them by the window and let the sun shine through them.

So why not give it a go? Spend your next day out stocking up for your next day in and help expand your children’s imaginations while introducing them to the great outdoors.  Do your kids love to craft? Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter and tell us how you’ve been spending your family summer!