Musical Toys for Babies Under Six Months

Countless studies have proven the developmental benefits of musical play for babies—from promoting emotional intelligence to boosting motor and cognitive skills. With our list of eco-friendly musical toys, even babies under six months can enjoy all the benefits of musical playtime.

Percussion instruments

There are lots of eco-friendly musical instruments that are just right for tiny hands. Designed so that sounds aren’t too loud for your baby to handle, toys like the Shaker Drum and the Early Melodies Tambourine foster a lifelong love of music while boosting motor skills and coordination.

Toys for sing-along fun

Soft toys like the Animal Musicians Finger Puppets are great for imaginative musical playtime. With cheerful colours and patterns, these finger puppets are ideal when singing to your baby, as you can use different voices for each puppet and you can make them ‘dance’ along to the songs. With this type of interactive musical play, you can sing songs to suit your baby’s needs, like lullabies at bedtime or more energetic songs when encouraging them to engage in play.

The classic music-maker

Rattles are classic toys that strengthen clasping, grip, and listening abilities. Shaking a musical rattle like the Elephant Egon is a great way to encourage musicality while helping little ones develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and can be used by babies from as early as four months.

Multi-sensory musical toys

Toys like the Sound Cube offer a rich sensory experience. Little ones can touch the toy’s seams to make different sounds while enjoying the cube’s bright colours and soft texture. Not only do these types of multisensory toys boost auditory skills, but they also promote motor skill development.

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