Little Boy at Christmas

Christmastime is made for kids. From the mystery of Santa, to the picking out of toys, it is a holiday filled with excitement and surprises, and having children around brings all of the sparkle back. In order to maximise the merriment, we’ve made a list of our favourite new Christmas traditions you can start at home, to make every Christmas magical.


Make way for Santa

Want to make Santa seem real for your kids? Here are some great things you can try!

1)      Santa’s Bootprints. Use fake snow or icing sugar to leave a trail of wintery bootprints from the chimney or front door to the tree.

2)      Magic Key. If you don’t have a chimney, why not make a magic key for the kids to leave by the front door so Santa can get in.

3)      Food for Rudolph. Make “Reindeer dust”! A mix of oats and glitter to help the reindeer find your house, and so they have something to snack on while they wait for Saint Nick!

4)      Bells Behind. Leave a string of sleigh bells outside your house, as if they fell of the sleigh when Santa and the gang took off!


Christmas Countdown

Make the most of the festive season by getting in the seasonal spirit with some fun winter activities

1)      Make your own advent calendars. All you need is 12 receptacles and a little creativity! Use old jam jars, paper bags stapled up, or pockets from old shirts and jackets, and fill each with sweets, tiny toys, or a fun activity to do that day.

2)      Sleep around the Christmas tree the day you put it up. Spend quality time with the little ones, decorating the tree, then welcome it to the house with a family sleepover – who says kids should get all the fun?!


Christmas Eve

Great Christmas Eve traditions help get kids excited for the big day – but if you choose wisely, there are some they will enjoy long after they are all grown up.

1)      Baking Day. Get all of your friends and their kids around and have a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of day. Make Christmas biscuits for the little ones to decorate, try your hand at the classic mince pie, or pick a whole new sweet treat which can become your family’s own Christmas tradition.

2)      Read together. Crack out your best Christmas stories (our favourite is the Night Before Christmas. Obviously!) and read them by candlelight. A beautiful, simple tradition you can carry on as they grow up with more advanced books.


Christmas Morn

1)      Wrap it up. “Wrap” the door to your living room by taping Christmas paper over the door. The kids will get to burst through it on their way to the presents.

2)      Gifts for a lifetime. Give your little ones a different Christmas tree ornament each year which they can hang on the tree, so they will have a ready-made collection of their own when they finally grow up and move out. Make it even more special by personalising the ornaments with a memory from that year.


How will you be making your Christmas magical? We want to know! Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know, and tag us in your Christmas Instagram pictures @little_woodpecker.