Parent child walking in woods

Being a parent is busy work. From getting them cleaned, dressed, and fed, to ferrying them to playgroup, school, activities, it can be hard to find time to do much else. With such a full schedule – how can anyone have time to think about how eco-friendly their lifestyle is? Well, this week, we’re here to tell you why being an eco-friendly parent is important, armed with some tips on how to do it with minimal effort.


Why be an eco-parent?

-          It helps set a positive example to your kids, teaching them to be considerate and responsible, to think about what they are doing and the impact it has on the world around them.

-          Eco-friendly activities are a great way to get your kids excited about the great outdoors. Introducing them to a love of nature early on could help pave the way for healthier, more outdoorsy lives in the future.

-          Most importantly of all, our planet is our children’s future, and if we want them to have the best possible lives they can, then it is important that we leave them with a healthy Earth to live on.


Top, Easy Tips for being more eco-friendly


  • Eat Differently

What and how we eat has ramifications for more than just our waistline. Animals reared for meat currently account for a whopping 65% of the human-related nitrous oxide generated. Although you tend to hear a lot about CO2 emissions, nitrous oxide has 296 times the Global Warming Potential of CO2, according to the UN. Eating less meat helps to reduce the overall emission of this – and could even lead to a healthier diet. Cutting back on processed foods is also a great way to reduce the packaging thrown away, live a healthier lifestyle, and contribute less to the mass amount of energy used to make processed foodstuffs.


  • Energy-saving lightbulbs

We don’t advocate you taking out all your lightbulbs and replacing them immediately, but this is an easy change to phase in as and when a lightbulb blows. Replacing your bulbs with energy-saving or compact fluorescent bulbs can last up to five times as long as your average bulb, and they are brighter while still using less electricity. Win-win-win!


  • Stop buying paper towels

Make your own! Old shirts and pyjamas make great rags, so rather than continue to buy kitchen towels, why not cut up old clothes and use those instead? You can bung them in the washing machine to clean them and use them again and again! No waste, no fuss.



  • Make small, energy-saving changes

Living an eco-friendly life does not need to mean seismic shifts in the way you live – little things can make a difference. This can mean turning your heating down just a tad in the winter, unplugging computers and appliances when you’re not using them, using the eco setting on your washing machine, or hanging clothes out to dry every now and then instead of using the tumble dryer. Small changes can make a big difference – check your energy bill if you don’t believe us!


  • Support local businesses

Rather than relying on big global chains for your shopping, why not seek out a few local, and even perhaps eco-friendly, shops. Buying locally-sourced food will help reduce your carbon footprint, as you know it will not have travelled so far, plus you can help make a real difference to retail diversity where you live.


We had to say it! But seriously, buying well-made wooden toys means they will last longer, can be passed on to grandchildren, and they help reduce how much plastic ends up in the landfill. Plus, kids love them!


The best thing about these eco-friendly tips, is that they will save you money as well! So why not take the plunge and pick one of our suggestions to implement in your life – you never know how much you can do.


Do you take eco-friendly measures? We’d love to know what! Get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and tell us your own tips!