how to host the best indoor teddys bears picnic

There’s nothing more exciting than a picnic, especially when teddy bears are invited. Little ones love using their imaginations to bring cuddly friends to life, particularly when there are treats like yummy food and fun games on offer. But all too often the rainclouds can come and spoil lunchtime plans. So, rather than seeing their little face fall, we want to show you how you can beat the weather and host the best, most fun-filled teddy bears’ picnic ever – indoors!

Transform your living room into a magical teddy bear forest

Re-use bits of paper and cardboard to create some paw print shaped cut-outs. Dot these around the house for your child to follow, and watch them squeal with excitement as they discover they’re having a teddy bears’ picnic! Building a magical teddy bear forest using chairs and bed sheets will add an extra element of intrigue. Lay out a classic picnic blanket inside, and have plenty of teddies sitting around to welcome your hungry explorer in from the ‘cold’.

Let your little one get dressed up

For an extra surprise, use eco-friendly face paints to transform your little bear. Dressing up will make them feel part of the magic, and get them really excited for their picnic. Why not let them pick out their favourite teddy to copy? Be sure to have your camera ready to take some photos, so that you can give one to your youngster afterwards. For an added touch, you could sign it ‘From Teddy’.

Give your classic picnic food a teddy bear twist

Healthy treats such as bite-sized fruit, cucumber sandwiches (on wholemeal bread) and sugar-free jelly are perfect for greedy teddies. But for a fun twist, why not use a teddy bear cutter to shape your sandwiches, and a teddy bear mould to make your jellies? Pack them all up into a special play picnic hamper, and let your little one tell you what their teddy friends would like to eat. They’ll love sharing all this scrummy food and you won’t have to worry about creepy crawlies interrupting the fun!

Get them moving with lots of games

No teddy bears’ picnic would be complete without some fun games. And because you’re indoors, you can use as many props as you like. As you’ve just had lots to eat, you’ll want to choose games that are gentle on little tummies. How about wrapping up an eco-friendly treat in recycled newspaper for pass-the-parcel (remembering to help the teddies pass theirs)? A jigsaw puzzle – either for little boys or little girls – is a perfect prize for young minds, and will give them something to play with once the picnic is over. If you’re feeling a little more energetic, you could get everyone in a circle for a game of musical hats – using the song ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’. Before long, your little one will be ready for a nice round of sleeping lions!

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