How to Enjoy Guy Fawkes Night with a Toddler

As we’re approaching 5 November, now is the perfect time to introduce your children to the centuries-old customs of Guy Fawkes Night. Not only will this get them excited for Bonfire Night outings, but you’ll also be teaching them an important part of British history.

Yet sharing these long-held traditions doesn’t mean sitting kids down to a history lesson—in fact, the best way to teach them is through play.

Cherish traditions by playing

Parkin or Perkin cake is the deliciously sticky gingerbread cake traditionally eaten on 5 November. Bond with your little sous-chef by making this special cake together, then invite your children’s favourite soft toy friends to join you at a pretend play tea party to enjoy your homemade cake.

You can also tell toddlers about the history and traditions of Guy Fawkes Night using puppet theatre toys, encouraging them to get involved in role-playing and imaginative fun.

Get arts-n-crafty

With some white glue, glitter and crayons, kids can create beautiful pictures of the annual Bonfire Night fireworks. Your tots can also make their very own miniature effigy of Guy Fawkes using basic craft supplies like lollipop sticks or moulding clay.

Celebrate safely

When taking children to local firework displays, torch-lit processions or bonfire celebrations, be sure to keep them within sight at all times and bring another adult to help supervise. Indeed, at any event where fire is involved, vigilance is absolutely essential to keep little ones safe.

Anti-noise earplugs are also a great idea for firework shows where the noise of the fireworks may be too much for tiny ears.

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