How to Bring Nature Indoors with Eco-friendly Games this Winter

There’s nothing worse than trying to warm up frozen feet and shivering little bodies after a cold day out. If your little ones love nature, here are some ideas for bringing the outdoors in, and keeping their ‘green fingers’ happy this winter.

Grow some yummy cress

Growing cress with children is both exciting and educational, and allows you to introduce them to some basic biology. Let your little gardener check the seedlings’ progress every day, and ask them about what changes they see. For fun, why not allow them to decorate each pot with a funny face, so that the newly grown cress becomes its hair? Once the cress has grown, you can even use it to make egg and cress sandwiches which can be packed into a toy picnic hamper for an indoor picnic!

Go (indoor) fishing

Learning about the colourful water-filled worlds of fish can be incredibly stimulating for children. When the weather won’t permit you to sit and learn at the water’s edge, eco-friendly board games like ‘Here, Fishy, Fishy!’ provide a fun way to discover more about aquatic creatures and their habitats. After you’ve played it a few times, ask your youngster to repeat back to you some of their newly learned facts.

Feed the birds

Home-made bird feeders can encourage wildlife to come right to your window, letting your child gain an interest in nature from indoors. As well as helping them build respect for our feathered friends, they can have fun refilling the home-made bird feeders with seeds and nuts when empty. Help your little birdwatcher create a chart to jot down which birds they see each day, and test if they can recognise them the next time.

Visit the farm

Although visiting the farm is a fun and educational family day out, playing with eco-friendly farm sets is a great indoor alternative for a rainy day. Your child’s imagination can flourish as they learn the names and noises of the farmyard animals. You can use a rhyme like ‘Old MacDonald’ to bring the scene to life, and see how many animals your little one can remember. Let them be as loud as they like – farmyards are noisy places, after all!

Build a fairy garden

With just a little imagination, the plainest of plant pots can be transformed into a magical fairy garden. Create an untamed appearance with a range of small indoor plants such as succulents or cacti – these won’t die if your little one forgets to water them. Once you’ve helped them pot the plants, use twigs to create a miniature garden gate. Place the finished pot on the window sill and, before your child sees it the next morning, make tiny footprints across the soil. They will be delighted that the fairies have enjoyed their green creation!

For more imaginative play ideas, visit The Little Woodpecker, your online destination for eco-friendly toys.