Healthy, Delicious BBQ Foods Your Kids Will Love

Healthy, easy to make, and the perfect size for tiny tots, these tasty bites are sure to become summertime staples in your home, whether served at a BBQ or used for imaginative play with picnic and tea sets.

Sweet potato chips

Children love the nutrition-packed sweetness of sweet potatoes. Sliced thinly and baked, they’re the perfect BBQ side dish. As little ones love dipping to explore new textures and tastes, serve up the sweet potato chips with homemade veggie dips.

Bite-sized sandwiches

Mini sliders filled with barbecued meat are great for little hands and are easy for kids to pick up and munch while running around and playing at a backyard BBQ.

Veggie fun

Kids love colourful food, so grill brightly coloured veg like carrots, butternut squash, courgette and sweet peppers, and serve them up in creative arrangements or on fun skewers. As these aren’t messy nibbles, they’re great for combining mealtime with playtime when served on sets like the all-natural, non-toxic Hape Gourmet Kitchen Set.

Healthy sweetness

Instead of serving sugary ice lollies, take peeled and halved bananas, and insert a wooden lolly stick into one end. Then, freeze the bananas and dip them in melted chocolate for a yummy dessert that’ll also get kids to eat one of their five a day!

Better hot dogs for tiny tummies

Hot dogs are a BBQ essential, but run-of-the-mill frankfurters contain lots of preservatives and nitrates. To make healthier hot dogs, opt for all-natural frankfurters made of turkey, chicken, or vegan quorn.

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