Half-Terms Ideas for Children under Seven

We all love playing with our little ones and teaching them new things, like how to shake a rattle with more flair than a Mexican mariachi or how to build their very first puzzle. Yet even with all the joy we get out of watching them discover and learn, sometimes you just plain run out of ideas for things to do, and when that happens, let’s be honest… for many Peppa Pig is a life saver.

When you’ve got young kids under seven and half-term rolls around, it can be even harder to think of how to keep them occupied beyond the telly. So here are our top picks of downright awesome London-based activities for your little one at this February’s half-term break.

Go wild

Take your little animal-lover to a city farm with all their favourite farmyard animals. There are several around the London area such as Vauxhall City Farm which has loads of animals for children to play with, including goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs along with alpacas and ferrets—just remember to pack lots of Wet Wipes for when playtime is over!


You can also enjoy a day out at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, which boasts many local and exotic animals, a children’s play area, and a lovely café. Be sure to catch the meerkats during feeding time at 11:15am and 2:45pm every day, and on Valentine’s Day, kids can even help the keepers make heart-shaped food for the animals.

Get folksy

If you have lots of musical playtime at home (who doesn’t dream of starting their own version of the Von Trappe family?), the ‘Fun with Folk’ event on February 16th at Cecil Sharp House in Camden is perfect for six- and seven-year-olds. Children will enjoy folk dance, music and singing all day before performing for family and friends at the end of the day.

Have fun with science!

The Science Museum in Kensington/Knightsbridge has seven floors of fun and educational exhibits. You can use their online planner to choose the exhibits that children under seven will like best, like the Pattern Pod that was designed to introduce children under eight to the importance of patterns in science, or the much-loved Launch pad: a hands-on gallery where children can discover the wonders of science themselves.

Discover life

If Science isn’t right for your little ones, then how about the Natural History Museum also in Kensington/Knightsbridge. Whether its big dinosaurs and whales or the small insects and birds, the museum covers it all, from the big bang to the present day and beyond so there’s plenty here for kids and adults to learn.

More than keeping kids occupied during half term, these entertaining activities and days out are an important part of their development, and will allow them to discover the big, wonderful world we live in. Along with quality playtime, it’s the best way for little ones to learn while having fun.