Essential Toys to Take on a Summer Camping Trip

Even with all the great outdoor activities of camping, there are still times when your little ones may need extra entertainment. So, here are our top picks for educational, easily packed toys that are a must for any family camping trip.

Travel entertainment

While you’re road tripping to your favourite camping spot, bring along stimulating toys like colourful multi-sensory rattles for your baby, and keep children entertained with books and pretend play toys. Hape’s Vegetables Book is a great choice, and toys like Janod’s Magnetic Airplane are sure to let big imaginations fly free while you make your way to the great outdoors.

Games for after dark

Be sure to pack fun games that little ones can play when it’s time to wind down for the evening. The best games to bring are ones that can be easily packed and played solo or with a group, like Janod’s Chicken Game, which offers the combined fun of puzzles and board games, making it an excellent choice for keeping a group of young kids entertained all evening long.

Fireside sing-along

Camping is the perfect opportunity for musical playtime. Gather round the fire with your little ones and sing your favourite songs while you play tambourines, drums, maracas, and pan flutes. For a full-on fiesta under the stars, the Big Sound Workshop is the ideal musical package, with all the child-friendly instruments you’ll need.

Whether you’re pitching a tent in your back garden or discovering some of the UK’s most scenic landscapes, with the right arsenal of toys, you and your tiny tots are sure to have an unforgettable summer camping trip.

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