Eco-friendly Kids' clothes


What is organic clothing?

A word more commonly used to describe the things we eat and drink, “organic” simply means the absence of synthetic chemicals, such as the ones you might find in pesticides. Organic clothing is made with fabrics – like cotton, for example - which have been produced from materials grown without the use of these chemicals. Although it is often pointed out that organic clothing – like organic vegetables – can be considerably more expensive than its non-organic counterparts, when it comes to what you put on your baby, there are more advantages to organic clothing than simply helping the environment. Organic cotton farming does indeed produce less CO2 and use less water but, more importantly, it is softer than traditionally-farmed cotton, and it means contains no nasty chemicals which could irritate baby’s sensitive skin.


Unfortunately, textiles do not need to be 100% organic for clothing companies to use the organic label, so it can be difficult to know who to trust. That’s why we have picked three of our favourite eco-friendly clothes companies guaranteed to be doing good things for the planet.


The brands:

1) Piccalilly

Who they are: This fabulous kids’ clothing company is based in the UK and specialises in organic and Fairtrade clothing for newborns and kids up to 10.

Why they’re great: All of Piccalilly’s clothes are made from wholly organic materials made to the highest ethical standards. Also they were one of the first companies in the UK to sell organic muslin swaddles, certified by GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard).

3 favourite pieces from each:

Soft, comforting and lovely, these soft, lightweight cloths can be used for anything from a nursing cover to a cot blanket.

With shoulder poppers for easy dressing, the ducks on this fun shirt are as cute as our own little woodpecker. Almost.

We can’t resist a romper – especially one as adorable as this! Designed to fit over all eco-friendly nappies, this all-in-one is super-soft and label-free to avoid any itching of your baby’s skin.

2) Frugi 

Who they are: An organic clothes brand started in 2004 by parent team Kurt and Lucy.

Why they’re great: Founded when Kurt and Lucy realised what a struggle it was to find clothes roomy enough to fit over a cloth nappy, Frugi has expanded to become one of the best kids’ clothing companies around. All of their clothes are certified by GOTS and the Soil Association and made to be as ethical as possible, as well as long-lasting, comfy, and really, really fun!

3 favourite pieces:

More birds on this fab penguin-adorned bib. Reversible for twice the practicality and equally cute on either side.

We dare you not to fall in love with these woodland beauties! Perfect for romping through the trees, these gorgeous dungarees come with button straps and leg poppers for easy changing.

Colourful, delightful, practical – that’s how we would describe these wonderful mini sweatpants. With reinforced soft knees for enthusiastic crawlers, plus stretchy cuffs and an elasticated waistband, these trousers are made for comfort.


3) Little Green Radicals 

Who they are: T-shirt market stall turned Fairtrade powerhouse.

Why they’re great: Little Green Radicals started with 6 witty kids’ slogan tees in 2005 and went on to become one of the first UK brands to get a Fairtrade certification for cotton. With a commitment to the environment and the people who make their clothes, the company uses 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and have done since the beginning. Their motto is “make beautiful things the right way” – what’s not to love?

3 favourite pieces:

This stunning coat features a hollyhock garden, designed to get your littlies into nature from the get-go. With organic cotton wadding to help them stay cosy, and big buttons to make your life easier, this is a favourite of parents and kids alike.

More garden themes for this fabulous playsuit for the chicest babies about. Roomy and soft, this suit is perfect for play.

One more bird-based outfit, these dungarees were too cute to pass up. Made from soft canvas, featuring beautiful embroidery, this machine-washable beauty is designed to fit over even the bulkiest cloth nappy.


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