Christmas Toys

There are few things worse than the last-minute desperate dash around the shops the week before Christmas. Packed streets, sparse offerings, and the impending doom of a disappointed child… That is why we get organised early, and we are not the only ones!


In September Toys R Us revealed their top toys kids will want this season – from Trolls dolls to a robot dog, it is a sea of plastic as tech toys become the next big thing, and characters from TV and film become the ultimate must-have playthings. Now, there is nothing wrong with buying plastic toys for your kids – when it comes to Christmas especially, it is important to get them at least some of what they asked for! However, we think some of our lovingly-crafted, wooden eco-toys could bring kids the same enjoyment – and even boost their imaginations further – so this week we are giving you options.


Why buy eco-friendly toys?

The core reason for this, for us, is that investing in eco-friendly goods is investing in our children’s future. The long decomposing time for plastic is something which causes, and will continue to cause, huge problems for the environment and it will be our children who eventually have to deal with it. Secondly, there is the issue of quality. This is certainly not the case for all plastic toys, but we have found with many that the integrity and longevity of the toy simply is not the same as it is for a wooden toy which has been crafted with care. These are not toys which will break upon the first use – they will see your kids through childhood and could even be passed on to their children!


Trendy Toys and Eco-Alternatives

1)      Furby Connect - £99.99

Every parent’s favourite is back – the squawking fluffball that is Furby is now online! With 150 expressions, this new Furby comes with an app which provides littlies with a range of games and activities. The Furby’s antenna will glow if there is new music or videos to watch and can also be used as a joystick in some of the games.

a.       Activity Elephant - £27.99

Alternatively, if your kids are looking for something soft and fluffy to interact with, we recommend the Activity Elephant! Perfect for babies’ development, this gorgeous plush teddy is one which can stay with them as they grow up. It may not glow or make noises, but they can give him a voice the old fashioned way – with their imaginations.


2)      Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck – £23.99

This toy lets kids from 3-8 make their own flavoured lip gloss. It comes with Cherry Flavour and Vanilla Flavour, along with a set of Glitter sprinkles. Mix the flavour of your choice then pour into the truck and dispense it into a Sundae container like an ice cream.

a.       Venezia Ice Cream Shop - £35.99

And if you are looking for ice cream on a larger scale, why not try the Venezia Ice Cream Shop from Haba? It comes with magnetic ice cream scoops, cones, toppings, and a handy stall to display your goods, offering hours of pretend play fun.


3)      Paw Patrol Air Patroller - £39.99

This Paw Patrol toy can be a helicopter or a plane! It comes with real lights, rotating propellers and sounds and plenty of space in the cockpit and cargo bay.

a.       E-Copter - £16.99

Our E-Copter lets your kids’ imaginations soar. Beautifully painted and made from eco-friendly bamboo, this sturdy toy is durable, fun, and perfect for imaginative play.


4)      Thomas Sky High Bridge Set - £99.99

There is a death-defying drop for Thomas and his friends in this new track. Send him under the bridge, around the track, and then flying through the air for over two feet. Designed to work with the motorised Thomas train, this set also comes with a cargo hopper, cargo piece, and waving flags.

a.       Brio Travel Switching Train Set - £75.99

This fabulous wooden railway set from Brio, comes complete with battery-powered train, tracks, switches, and a crank-operated lift to take passengers to their platforms. Customisable so that your train can travel along a number of different routes, you can even add on a track expansion pack to increase your options.


And we’ve saved the best till last – not only can you get all of these fantastic toys with us, but if you buy before 30th November you can get 12.5% off everything using code “christmas2016”!


What do your little ones want for Christmas? Get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and let us know!