7 Fun and Educational Eco-Projects for Children

Here are some great eco-project ideas that little ones will love, and that mums and dads can enjoy with toddlers as young as three. Along with fostering a lasting love of nature, the idea behind all of these projects and activities is to teach children the Three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle—and the importance of caring for the environment.

Make upcycling fun

Teach your kids all about recycling or ‘upcycling’ by doing craft projects with household items like egg cartons, buttons, shoeboxes, old socks and old, unwanted furniture. Be sure to use homemade organic water paints to keep all your craft activities eco-friendly!

Eggshell garden

Put used eggshells into egg cartons, and fill them with soil and plant herbs or flower seedlings to create a garden bed that’s perfect for tiny hands. Children will love the cute size of their garden bed and will watch in wonder as the herbs grow and the flowers blossom, giving them a healthy appreciation of gardening from early on.

Start a vegetable patch

Let your children choose which vegetables they’d like to plant in your garden and have them nurture the patch with you every day. This will show them that the best way to get food is straight from the ground—not from a packet!

An eco birthday celebration

Plant a new seed, sapling or stalk every year on your little one’s birthday. Whether you plant a tree, vegetable or flower, make it a special part of your child’s birthday festivities each year so they’ll develop a long-lasting attachment to nature, linking it to happiness and celebration.

Recycled paper project

Making your own recycled paper with your children is surprisingly straightforward! All you need is a washing-up bowl, a blender, lint-free cloths, sponges, and a deckle and mould frame to press the recycled paper mixture (don’t worry—you can buy a deckle and mould frame from any craft store). Your kids can help you gather all of your home’s paper waste and will be amazed to see how it’s all turned into new paper!

Seasonal picture board

Teach your children about the seasons by having them paint or draw a picture of your back garden or neighbourhood park once a month. The pictures may not be perfect, but you’ll get kids looking more closely and appreciatively at nature. Then stick the pictures onto a sheet of Bristol board to see the cycle of the seasons at a glance.

Have a green concert

Throw a full-on music concert in your living room or back garden using eco-friendly musical toys and DIY instruments made from recycled household items. Our favourite ideas are banjos made from shoeboxes and mailing tubes, and tambourines made out of paper plates and coins.

Whatever activities you choose, the most important thing is that kids learn to treasure the environment. For more ideas on green playtime, contact us at The Little Woodpecker, your online destination for eco-friendly toys.