5 Fun and Safe Beach Activities for Toddlers

There really is no better playground for your children in the summer than on a beach in the fresh salt air. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favourite beach games and activities that will keep toddlers away from the water’s edge unsupervised, while still offering lots of scope for quality sensory and imaginative play.

Let imaginations loose

Encourage little ones to use their imaginations by bringing along play sets like the Haba Ice Cream Shop. It’s perfect for beach-themed pretend play and comes in an easily packed portable case. (Bonus tip: wet sand makes fantastic pretend chocolate ice cream!)

Pebble darts

Collect some beach pebbles with your toddler, then draw a simple three-circle dartboard in the sand and show your tot how to throw the pebbles into the smallest circle at the centre. It’s a great game for group or solo play.

The quicksand game

Simply draw lots of differently sized circles in the sand and have kids jump from circle to circle to stay out of the imaginary quicksand. It’s a brilliant way to combine pretend play with an energy-burning activity. Even if young toddlers don’t grasp the quicksand concept, they’ll have lots of fun jumping from circle to circle.

Holiday reading

When it’s time for a break from the sun, enjoy story time while lounging in the shade with your toddler. Since they’re made of wood, Hape’s Fruit and Vegetable books are ideal for wet and sandy hands!

Hunt for treasure

Hide shells, unusual stones, sand dollars or any other trinkets in the sand, drawing a line around the treasure hunt area to discourage your toddler from wandering off. Then pretend you’re pirates searching for buried treasure!

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