10 Educational Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

When Christmas shopping for kids, parents are always on the lookout for toys that are just as educational as they are fun. To help you with your hunt for the perfect gifts, here are 10 eco-friendly learning toys that toddlers are guaranteed to love.

An abacus

Playing with an abacus enhances hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and fine motor skills. With its brightly coloured wooden beads, Janod’s Tatoo Abacus helps toddlers learn counting and colours.

Push and pull play sets

 Push and pull toys are great for improving toddlers’ muscle strength and balance. Complete with a tray of colourful wooden blocks, Hape’s Block & Roll push and pull toy also boosts cognitive skills like logic and matching.


Puzzles boost development in many ways, from building self-esteem to improving fine motor skills, concentration abilities and memory. As an added bonus, our eco-friendly puzzles are also completely safe and non-toxic!

Touchable storybooks

Reading to toddlers is important for intellectual and emotional development. Tactile books like the wooden Hape Vegetables Book or Haba’s soft Elephant Egon Fabric Book also promote motor skills while keeping children more engaged during story time.

Toy percussion sets

Toy drums and percussion sets are ideal for little ones under three, as their motor skills are still developing. Not only do percussion instruments boost musicality, creativity and cognitive thinking, but they’re also great for group or solo play.

Pretend play sets

Imaginative play is essential for little ones’ development, particularly in terms of social skills and creativity. Our pretend play sets encourage toddlers to engage in imaginative play and, as they’re 100 per cent eco-friendly, you won’t have to worry about any easily broken, toxic parts.

Train sets

Kids have been enjoying toy train sets for generations. Tykes as young as three will improve motor and cognitive skills while having loads of fun with eco-friendly wooden sets like Brio’s Travel Switching Set.

Board games

Simple board games are wonderful for many areas of toddlers’ development. For example, Hape’s Mix and Match Animal Farm game teaches colours and matching while introducing new vocabulary and showing children how to play in a group.

Cuddly toys

Soft toys with added educational features are great for cuddling and learning. That’s why our interactive soft toys are designed with lots of features to make cuddle time stimulating and educational.

Building blocks

Building blocks are a timeless learning toy—and with good reason. Playing with blocks boosts motor skills, spatial awareness, creative thinking and more, making eco-friendly building blocks a wonderful educational Christmas gift.


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