10 Children’s Stories That Can Be Told Through Play

Stories are even more magical when they’re brought to life at playtime. Here are 10 fun-filled children’s tales that can be easily recreated with energetic little ones.

1. ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’

This is a game best played with three. All you need is a make-believe tea set and big spoonful of imagination. Take it in turns to play the different roles, but remember to tell your cheeky little tiger not to actually drain the taps and eat all the food!

2. ‘Noah’s Ark’

Playing with My First Noah’s Ark while singing ‘The Animals Went in Two by Two’ will let your child explore the story in an exciting way – being able to see and interact with all the colourful characters.

3. ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’

This easy-to-remember chant is a perfect story to recreate with children. Get them standing up and jumping, crouching and gesturing in all the right places for a fun-packed story session. You could even set up some soft obstacles throughout the house for your explorer to conquer.

4. ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’

This story of a naughty young rabbit that causes havoc in Mr McGregor’s garden makes for a perfect treasure hunt game with a twist. Hide some healthy treats (wrapped up, of course) in the garden for your little Peter to find, and make sure they get them back inside before a scary adult catches them!

5. ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’

This classic nursery rhyme is even more fun to sing when there are toy farmyard animals to see and hold! Let your child play with a bright farm set as they learn the rhyme, and then see how many animal names and noises they can remember afterwards.

6. ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

As far as dressing up goes, there’s no better tale than ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. All you need is something red: it could be a blanket, a scarf – anything. Let your little girl be Red, or help your little boy have fun getting dressed up as the big scary wolf!

7. ‘Nellie the Elephant’

With a simple circus set, you can inspire your little monkey with the vibrant world of the Big Top. Use the pieces to recreate much-loved stories like ‘Nellie the Elephant’, encouraging your youngster to sing along too.

8. ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’

Take your little one to play ‘poohsticks’ over the upstream side of a bridge, and recreate the fun pastime of Pooh and his friends.

9. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Challenge your child to draw all the food that the very hungry caterpillar nibbles his way through during the story. As well as encouraging their creativity, this will help develop their counting skills. Once the story’s finished, they’ll be able to see just how much the greedy caterpillar ate!

10. ‘Hansel and Gretel’

This well-known fairy tale inspires the perfect setting for a bit of artistic playtime. Get your child’s mouth watering by asking them to design their own gingerbread house, decorated with sweeties and colourful treats.

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