10 Active Indoor Games for Chilly Weather

There’s no need for little ones to sit on the couch all day just because the weather has grown chilly. To prove it, we’ve picked 10 fun indoor games that’ll keep your kids moving and active no matter how cold it is outside!

Musical jamboree

You don’t need to be outside to make fantastic music, so grab some musical toys and ‘jam’ or have a fun sing-along. It’ll get little ones dancing and singing while practising key motor and language skills.

Build a fort

All you need to build a fort or clubhouse are a few sheets, some furniture and lots of imagination. It’ll keep little hands busy and pretend forts are perfect for imaginative play.

Indoor car racing

You don’t need a lot of space to create an obstacle-filled racetrack for miniature toy cars. Kids will need to ‘drive’ the cars along the track themselves to get them past the obstacles, so it’s the ideal game for burning lots of energy.

Colour steps

Using floor-safe masking tape, stick sheets of differently coloured construction paper all over the floor. Then, when you call out a colour, little ones have to hop to the corresponding sheet of paper. This educational game is also excellent for coordination.

Farm animal charades

Use the cards from the Hape Mix & Match Farm Animal game to play charades. When someone chooses a card, they’ve got to act out the animal shown.


All you need are some empty plastic bottles or tin cans and a tennis ball to set up a bowling game that will keep little ones active and occupied for ages while promoting motor skills and coordination.

Balloon games

While throwing balls in the house is a no-no, hitting balloons back and forth is a safe way for kids to ‘play ball’ indoors. You can set up a volleyball match or, if you’ve got child-sized badminton rackets, have a game of balloon badminton!

Animal hoppers

Create different shapes and letters on the floor using masking tape. Then give animal-themed directions to lead kids from shape to shape. For example: “Jump like a grasshopper to the letter B” or “Wiggle like a worm to the square.”

Monkey see, monkey do

In this fun version of Follow the Leader, little ones take turns pretending to be the Monkey Chief. The other kids or family members who are the Little Monkeys then have to mimic whatever funny monkey antics the Monkey Chief does.

Scavenger hunt

There’s nothing like the promise of finding hidden treats and treasures to get little ones up and at ’em. Hide fruits (apples work well), healthy snacks and toys all around the house, or you can even use things like seashells collected at the beach over the summer holidays. Whoever finds the most treasures wins!

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