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About Us

From the moment your baby is born, play is an integral part of his or her development. It’s how babies and toddlers discover the world around them, learn new skills, and bond with mum and dad. That’s why The Little Woodpecker offers a one-stop-shop where you can source eco-friendly toys of exceptional quality, so your little one can play and learn with 100 per cent safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable toys.

our story

When Director and Founder of The Little Woodpecker, Anjla Pankhania became a first-time mum to Zack two and a half years ago, she knew she wanted to raise him in healthy, eco-friendly surroundings, without using disposable nappies or cheap plastic toys. However, she quickly discovered just how difficult it was to source eco-friendly toys; although she had found brands of quality wooden toys that she and Zack loved, it was challenging to find anything locally made in shops, and she continually had to resort to trawling the web to source eco-conscious brands she could trust. Watching her son grow and learn, Anjla also realised how important quality playtime is for infants and toddlers—where they can use their colourful imaginations to play and develop their skills.

This is how The Little Woodpecker was born: to make it easy to find quality eco-friendly toys that allow babies and children to use their vibrant imaginations to play, learn and develop.

our mission

The goal of The Little Woodpecker is to offer an online shop where a wide variety of hard and soft eco-friendly toys can be sourced quickly and easily. We specifically provide toys for ages 0 to 5 years, and each toy is hand-picked for quality and its scope for imaginative play. This is because we believe that babies and children should always use their big imaginations to get the most out of play.

our products

We offer a vast range of hard and soft toys that your child will love. From all-natural tea sets and wooden games to soft cuddly toys and instruments with lots of fun noises and bright lights, you’re sure to find wonderful and innovative toys that will make playtime a joy for both you and your child while promoting all of the key areas of early development, including motor skills, language and communication development, musicality, and concentration abilities.

For more information, visit our products page or contact us today.